Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bush makes me embarrased to be an American

I remember when Bush became president-elect in 2000. I wrote to my Finnish internet pen pal that I was ashamed that George Bush, Jr. was our president and thought, "This can't be good. Something bad is going to happen." At first, I thought we were in the clear. Dubya was ineffectual and just hung out on his ranch and cleared brush while sitcoms made fun of him and his stupid fake Bushisms and the way he said nukular. I had almost forgotten about him, and then 9/11 happened and you know the rest.

Now that Israel has become a lit fuse burning toward an all out regional war in the Middle East, that may just turn into World War III, the President of the United States must be taking this very seriously and is trying his best to work things out, like all the other world leaders, or at least leaders of countries with great global influence. So, when asked a serious question about the bombing of the Beirut Airport, which is now being used to airlift U.S. citizens out of Lebanon (for a fee), how does Chimpy McFlightsuit respond? With a stupid reference to a roast boar that he wouldn't stop referring to during his press conference with Chancellor Merkel of Germany. Somebody just shoot me now. All I could do when I saw that was shake my head and mutter "Jesus Christ."

At least the "lefty" blogs are on our side, right?


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