Monday, July 24, 2006

Refugees Evacuees "Departees"

Well, it appears that the term "evacuee" had become quickly old and busted.

The new hotness is "departee."

Never mind that the original term, refugee, is correct in connotation and grammar.

People are seeking refuge and those that do recieve it are refugees.

Then came Hurricane Katrina and that word got replaced by "evacuee," even though people who evacuate are "evacuators." I would think anyone who took them in would be the "evacuees," but even that sounds wrong.

Now, we've got "departees." If they are departing then they are departers, not departees.
I guess my company is now my employee and when they sign my checks they are the payee?

Whatever. It's all the same. You can't dress up a desperate situation in newspeak and expect it to look like anything but a desperate situation.

But if you could, departee is the wrong word. I think to really sap the desperation out of the situation, just say they are all on vacation. Call them "vacationers." Or even "excursionists." Or maybe "wayfarers." Next year, they'll say, "Screw 'em. They're refugees." (Lauren Hill and Wyclef Jean would be proud.)


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