Monday, July 24, 2006

Gays War Taking Toll on Marriage

Washington Post:

"Are you pure today?" the judge asked Nidhal, who nodded her assent to the standard question about whether she was not menstruating. Shiite Muslim women cannot participate in court proceedings during their periods.

Why don't we have those standards?

At least 301,446 divorces were registered in Iraq during the past two years -- nearly half the number of marriages recorded during that time -- according to statistics compiled by the Justice Ministry.

More than twice as many marriages are ending in divorce as before the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, according to ministry and court officials, social workers and divorce lawyers, though no reliable data are available from the earlier period. The twin stresses of perpetual violence and a stagnant economy -- along with the loosening of certain social stigmas -- are taking a toll on one of Islamic culture's most sacred institutions.

I'll bet it was really all those Iraqi queers. Liberal media. Those Iraqis just need to accept Jesus into their hearts and they'll stay hitched until death (and then they get to go to heaven!)

Habash, a trained psychologist who works in a crowded conference room adjacent to Moussawi's chambers, said her main strategy to thwart divorce is to "threaten them and make them afraid of the future."

Hey, if it works there, it'll work here! Fear is the best motivator.

"He wants her to do sexual things not approved by our Muslim and Arab society," she said, declining to explain further. Lawyers said that because women are forbidden to discuss such issues, they turn an empty cup upside down on a table when appearing before a judge, a sign understood to mean they have been subjected to illicit acts.

"If this doesn't stop, the marriage should stop right away," Habash said she told the couple.

Now I wonder what the illicit things are? A blowjob? Or would it have to be midgets and leather?

Since finishing law school a year ago, Tammimi, who is unmarried, said she has handled at least 75 divorces. "It can be depressing," she said. "But I am hoping to get experience from all these cases, so I can do marriage 100 percent right."

You'll be fine. Just don't piss the bed, make sure you do all the nasty things your hubby wants, and, by God, don't let those damned queers get married.


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