Monday, July 17, 2006

Best argument ever

Very rarely do I come across an argument so watertight that nothing can break through it.

Republicans want to bring up things like gay marriage and flag burning to distract from the mess that is Iraq. Democrats also ignore Iraq in their campaign ads because most of them voted for it. Harold Ford, Jr. running for Senate here in Tennessee is running an ad focused on gas prices and alternative fuels. Does he realize that the high price of oil is a direct result of the war in Iraq, which he voted for as a Representative? Bob Corker, also running for Senate, has ads concentrating on the border, which is also a distraction, and a very effective one.

Well, Morning Martini has a post that takes one of the many distractions, the gay marriage distraction, and makes mincemeat out of it while immediately directing attention back to the Iraq disaster.

My own feeling is that the biggest possible threat and harm to heterosexual marriage is war. This war in Iraq is producing hundreds of widows and widowers. In addition many, many divorces are the result of a spouse’s deployment.

Bravo! Now you'd think that the genius political strategists working for the Parties would have come up with this a long time ago, and they probably did, but the Democrats don't want to talk too much about the Iraq war that they supported and still do, even though they make noises in attempts to fool people into believeing that they don't, and the Republicans, well, they're hopeless.

Morning Martini should also mention the fact that tens of thousands of Iraqi marriages and lives have been ended by the war.

Don't hold your breath for any politicians to use this argument, as great as it is. It's not their job to represent you anymore. Just get used to it.


Blogger pissed off patricia said...

Hey thanks so much for stopping by Morning Martini and for your kind words regarding my post. It's very nice to meet you and hopefully you'll drop by often.

Once again, thank you :)

7/17/2006 7:39 AM  

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