Saturday, July 22, 2006

Is the keffiyeh trendy or what?

This isn't any kind of breaking news, but what's the deal with Americans wearing the keffiyeh?

Ricky Martin was duped into wearing ine inscribed with "Jeruselem is ours." Ironic that he was also wearing a gold cross around his neck.

(I dont' want to hear it, that boy is American.)

Then I come across a pic of Howard Dean wearing one.

Is this man insane? It would be like George Bush wearing a cape with the Star of David on the back. We know that Bush has picked sides in this conflict, but why would Howard Dean? You can say that he was just showing support for the Palestinian cause. Fine, but you can do that without wearing the keffiyeh, a show of solidarity, which makes it look like you entirely support everything they do. It provides much ammo to your opponents who can then simply say that you support terrorism, that you support bus bombings and cafe bombings. Wearing Isreali symbolism, however innocent it may be, makes it seem like you support apartheid, forcing people from their homes then bulldozing them, and shooting children.

I really wish American politicians would stop (appearing as though they were) picking sides in the Israeli-Arab conflict. It only creates more division.


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