Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Homeless blogging

There is a local Nashvillian who is homeless and blogging about it.

Check him out at

He also has some pics to peruse.

He's got this Flickr page too.

I guess it's just interesting to me that a homeless guy has a blog.

I don't pretend to know anything about this man and I have no idea why he's homeless. He seems educated and quite articulate. He appears to be well groomed and clean. He doesn't seem crazy.

Why is he homeless?

His first post refers to depression. I guess I wouldn't understand how depression can make you homeless. I get depressed often and when I was younger my parents brought it upon themselves to stick me in a ward for 2 weeks because they thought I was clinically depressed. The doctors even gave me Prozac, which I think screwed me up. But I'd say my depression was less chemical than it was nihilistic.

I also get writers block and a sort of "work" block, where I just can't seem to bring myself to work on projects that need to be worked on or papers that need to be written. I'll find myself easily distracted and doing things that shouldn't be taking up my time (like surfing blogs and message boards, commenting and arguing). I worry that this little habit of distraction will get me fired one day. I hope not. I wouldn't want to end up homeless.

His hometown is San Diego. Now I went to SD for an ACS convention and I thought it was a great town. I saw plenty of homeless people hanging out in Balboa Park, which is a pretty nice park. I remember saying to myself, "If I were homeless, I'd want to be homeless here." If you must be homeless, at least do it where the weather is mild and there's nice scenery. I wonder why he doesn't try to get back there.

I don't understand why he thinks he should buy $45 Tom Waits tickets when he's homeless. Maybe he doesn't rely on any donations at all, and makes money through blogads and selling things. Who knows. But if I were homeless, I don't think I'd be worrying myself over concert tickets. I'd be worried about getting into a place to live. Each to his own. It's his life.

Again, I can't see why he is homeless. Since he's not crazy or stupid, it seems to be a choice he has made.


Blogger alyceclover said...

The answers to your questions are on his current and original blog. He was married had a wife, children. The divorce, her infidelity was when he originally became homeless. He's been on the streets off & on for 20 years. He works to earn money. Ya know, it's a sad enough lifestyle, why begrudge him a bit of entertainment? The way the world situation is, "we could all die everyday".

When I packed everything I owned in to the car to relocate to California, thought, well if I'm ever gonna be homeless, I'd rather be it in a warm climate, never thinking it would actually happen. Many more homeless and former homeless, bloggers online.

7/20/2006 6:23 AM  
Blogger beervolcano said...

I'm not begrudging him. I merely said that if I were in that position, I wouldn't be worrying about concert tickets. He's free to do whatever he likes. He's free to be homeless, if that's what he wants.

7/20/2006 6:55 AM  

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