Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bush's Lapdog or Babysitter?

People everywhere call Tony Blair Bush's Lapdog, but is that really the state of things? I'll bet that once Bush started showing up at international summits and meetings, leaders recognized that this is a man totally out of his element and who would probably never realize it or overcome it. Some of them had a talk with Tony Blair and asked him to take Dubya under his wing, coach him along and keep him out of trouble, all without Bush realizing that it was happening. Bush's fratboy-type dominance dancing makes him think that he's in control and that he's got sway with people. All the while, behind his back, world leaders sigh and shake their heads as Bush makes a complete ass of himself. Blair is always there, like a big brother, to reassure Bush and to make sure he doesn't do any real damage (other than to his own image, of course.)

So there's my theory. Blair isn't Bush's lapdog, he's his big brother figure, there to babysit him and keep him away from the adults while they are taking care of grown-up business.


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