Friday, September 22, 2006

Second email to

This addresses what I consider sophomoric "analysis" on the page:


The real answer is who the fuck knows? Not you or me.

Here is some speculation:

They wanted it all. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and then some. You don't go straight for Saddam. You go for Afghanistan, the easiest one to invade and occupy, where bin Laden supposedly was. Blame the Taliban for harboring him. When they ask for proof that bin Laden did it, take that as harboring the 9/11 perpetrator and invade. Move on to the next easiest target, Iraq. Blame Saddam for ties to 9/11, but do it in a roundabout way. You've already got military in the area built up. You could build up even more all the while saying that war is the last resort. Invade and occupy Iraq. Now you've got Iran surrounded (in theory) with your military. The next step is to claim that Iran wants to destroy Israel with nukes just like you said Iraq would try to attack the US or Israel with bio and chemical weapons. Even though there is no real basis for attack, much of the population of the US would support it because by that time you have convinced them that Iran wants to rule the world (through Islam or some such bs) and that there is a global conflict involving Islam and the West (sounds crazy, but this is what's going on now). Invade Iran.

This could have been something like the plan. Of course, it didn't all work out so well and we probably won't get our trifecta, as in we won't invade Iran, because our military can't handle it, and Russia and China wouldn't stand for it.


They did. Remember?


Because Saddam could publicly defend himself. Also, there were too many people in the Pentagon and the CIA that knew full well that Saddam had nothing to do with it. They would come forward and the whole "master plan" (above) would be thrown into jeopardy. Besides, they wanted the whole pie. They knew if they blamed Saddam, people would be asking "Why the hell are we invading Afghanistan?"


Jesus Christ, take out Wall Street? Are you crazy? Why would "they" want to do that?


Again, feel free to debate any of this with me.

Shit! Bogger totally removed all the text between the <> marks. I guess I picked the wrong thing to wrap the quotes in. I'm not about to go back and find the crap I was anwsering. Sorry.


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