Friday, July 21, 2006

Americavosis: Great new "Aravosis Watch" blog

A lot of people are finally starting to see through John Aravosis's shilling.

Check it out:


I know I'm not really helping them since I've only gotten a total of about 100 actual hits on this blog. No matter.

A friend of mine showed me Americablog back during Katrina. I remember logging on to find the most ridiculous statements being thrown around. Then he sent some guy down there in a huge brand new Ford Expedition, a huge, expensive, gas guzzling beast. I wondered how these bloggers had the money to do this. What made it seem funny is that they were doing their best to play Junior Reporter and act like actual journalists getting to the heart of the story. It looked like what they were doing is sightseeing and getting in the way. Disaster tourists.

If anyone else has some gems from Americablog, please post them at Americavosis. Unfortunately Aravosisblog is no more. And it was shaping up to be such a great parody too. Good comedy there. O well.


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