Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Maliki: No Civil War

No that's not Peter Tosh singing "No Nuclear War."

It's the PM of Iraq saying that there is no civil war.

The Independent

Sure hundreds are being killed every day, but that's not civil war. It's just a "sectarian issue." To the tune of hundreds a day dying.

He admitted that 100 Iraqi civilians were being killed every day, though the real figure is probably much higher after a series of tit-for-tat massacres this month.

"There is a sectarian issue, but the political leaders ... are working on putting an end to the sectarian issue. Civil war will not happen to Iraq." But even top Iraqi officials are already privately admitting that central Iraq and in all parts of the country where there is a mixed population of Shia and Sunni - or, in the north, Sunni and Kurd - civil war is now raging.

What does he get from the US to say these things? Do they wrench his arm behind his back or waterboard him until he agrees to say shit like that? Or does he share the same rose-colorblindness that our dear Leader does?


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