Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bush makes me embarrased to be an American, II

Yikes! This is all over the blogs.

Bush: Liebes-Attacke auf Merkel!


First he won't stop asking her about "that pig" (wink wink) and then he attacks her to giver her a back rub. Was he high? I think he has the hots for Merkel. That's what it looks like.

Maybe they just had a toast with shots of Vodka in true Russian style. The combination of smelling bread and shooting Vodka went straight to his alcoholic head and he couldn't get enough Merkel to quench that fire down below. Down, pig, down!

Yet again, Bush embarrasses the entire USA.

This little happenstance came out right after Bush's open mic night. Now saying shit isn't a big deal and that's why the MSM ran with that one little part, and because he was on topic. But, all the other little soundbytes like, [prarphrasing]I'll just make it up right here. I don't want to talk too long like these other guys.-These guys all talk too long.-Move this thing along. I've got to get home. I've got something to do.[] (Terrible blog practise, I know, but I cannot find text, audio, or video of this. If anyone wants to send it in, please do, and you'll get your very own neck massage.)

We should just throw these little tidbits on the pile of other incidents that Bush has gotten himself into.

Please let the mighty FSM speak wisdom to this lad and ask him to resign.


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