Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday. Time for Beer.

I guess I should give some props to some local beer.

Yazoo Brewing Company is probably the best beer made in Nashville.

It's sort of a microbrew, but they ship beer all over the place. Most places in Nashville, at least, have Yazoo on tap, even some movie theaters.

Their hefeweizen is actually some of the best I've ever tasted. It's right up their with Paulaner and Franziskaner maybe even better. It's very fruity and smells like bananas and strawberries. It's extremely smooth and tasty and quite alcoholic. (I'm not the type to ruin Hefeweizen by squirting lemon juice in it of all things. Why do people do that?) I also am quite fond of their Pale Ale. But it gives you a monster headache if you drink too much. I wish they would bring back their Belgian Ale. It was the best beer they ever made, IMO. I think it was something like 7.5% alcohol, which might not be entirely legal in Tennessee. Stupid beer laws don't make any sense.

Well, I'll be off to the Brewers' Festival tomorrow! If you're in the Nashville area, don't miss it. The weather is supposed to be nice (not super hot like last year.)

See you there!


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