Sunday, July 30, 2006

Here's what the 48 hours says to me

Israel is suspending air strikes over Lebanon for 48 hours.


Because recent air strikes killed 60 people in one go, half of which were children.


Does that mean they feel bad about it?
Well, no, they're caving to pressure from other countries.

But here's what's interesting. Why does it matter which of these reasons brought about the 48 hour suspension? The suspension, if it is indeed some sort of an "oops, my bad" situation, seems to be saying that killing a few people here and there is tolerable, but killing 60 at once (as opposed to over the course of a few days) just isn't. It's a strange standard indeed. Whether this is Israel's standard or that of countries pressing it to stop, it's the one that's being applied.

No matter, folks in southern Lebanon and Beirut can look forward to more of the same in a couple of days.


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