Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Money Masters

I urge all 4-5 people that actually read this blog to watch this documentary.

You can buy it here from their website.

It's also on Google Video, pretty much in full.
There are three parts about 2 hours long a piece.

The Money Masters.

If you have ever wondered "why" about war as well as economic booms and depressions, this movie explains it all.

If you wonder what are the real root causes of the war in Iraq and the constant strife in the middle east, this movie will explain it to you.

After watching this movie you will be able to listen through the language of the nightly news when people talk about interest rates, income taxes, and epsecially when you hear the words recession and boom. Those last two words are effects of the Federal Reserve pulling the economic strings of the country. You have noticed that the President and Congress always huddle in anticipation of the Fed to annouce interest rates. Of course, neither of those policial bodies has any real control over that. It's a private decision made by a private company.

Sure the president appoints the chairman of the Fed, but do you ever think that any US president would appoint someone who would attempt to reform the Fed or even restrict its power? No way. They wouldn't live to the next election.


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