Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Political instability in Cuba? Good.

John Aravosis has done it again. The man is entirely detached from reality.

His spin on the Castro situation, handing over power to his brother while he undergoes surgery, is that this is a case of political instability under Bush's watch.

Look, I'm certainly no fan of Dubya, and that's a vast understatement. But, when people go around making stupid connections between him and things that he really has no control over, it's a total credibility destroyer.

He's done it so many times that I thought he couldn't top himself, but this post takes the cake.

Fidel Castro temporarily cedes power to brother while undergoing surgery
by John in DC - 8/01/2006 08:28:00 AM

Great, more foreign instability on Bush's watch.

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You'd think he of all people would be happy that Fidel is fading away. I'm surprised he didn't call for invasion while Fidel was incapacitated. So some civilians would die. Lots of them support Castro, right?

Jeez, and to somehow spin this as political instability under Bush is just hallucinatory.

Political stability in Cuba under Castro is a bad thing. It's been 'policitally stable' for almost 50 years and it's been a nightmare. If there was blogging and an Amurkablog during the fall of the Soviet Union, Johnny A-list's post would have read:
"Oh, great. Just more political instability under Reagan and Bush."

Let's not forget about the political instability in Lebanon that he's cheering on.
Well, maybe he doesn't like that idea and he's just into dead babies.

I wonder what he'd say if there were a democratic revolution in China.


Blogger Lazaro74 said...

Is that all he said? I've never heard of this guy, but was he actually imputing the situation in Cuba to Bush, instead of lamenting that, on top of THREE conflicts in the Middle East (one directly involving the U.S. and the other two indirectly involving the U.S.), gross cronyism and corruption at home, and a possible worldwide societal breakdown looming due to environmental pressures, this stupendous incompetent has something else to "deal with?"

Actually maybe he's not, but it does strike me as an alternative interpretation.

8/02/2006 2:09 PM  
Blogger beervolcano said...

Yeah, he's a piece of work. He runs a blog called americablog. I really don't understand why thousands of people regularly log on to his blog. I think it's just because thousands of people log on to his blog. i would only go there to say something and know that lots of people would see it. Why he has any credibility is a mytery to me, but he is one of the online 'left gatekeepers.' Make sure you go to Americavosis to get a taste.

8/04/2006 9:35 PM  

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