Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The 'right' has their own conspiracy theories

The blog, EU Referendum, is claiming that Lebanese are staging photographs where different men carry around the same dead children in order to gain more sympathy.

We need to know the truth.
The Green helmet mystery continues.

It may be true, it may not be. I certainly don't know, but don't you think this is really reaching? I mean, it's still a bunch of dead kids. It's still little lifeless toddlers and kindergarteners that won't go to school anymore.

For some real fun on this let's take a trip to Little Gruesome Fascists, I mean little green footballs.

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some comments:

ploome hineni 8/1/2006 02:06PM PDT
..I am absolutely thrilled

NY Nana 8/1/2006 02:10PM PDT
And watch, over the next few weeks, how they will obfuscate, and never really admit they are lying through their teeth, and just continuing their policy of veiled and now more and more blatant Jew hate, using Israel as their excuse.

goodbye_natalie 8/1/2006 02:13PM PDT
In doing a little research, it appears to me that all of Lebanon and Palestine should be considered Israel as dictated by law unless you are a Canaanite, a Hittite, a Hivite, a Perizzite, a Girgashite, an Amorite, or a Jebusite.

And if you are a a Canaanite, a Hittite, a Hivite, a Perizzite, a Girgashite, an Amorite, or a Jebusite, you can file your complaint with God. The same one that rejected your first complaint 3,200 years ago.

So, the way I see it, Lebanon and Palestine are internal matters of Israeli law and none of the rest of the world's business.

Carry on Israel...

scaramouche 8/1/2006 02:15PM PDT

The Islamo-Nazis are like violin prodigies, and the media are their well-tuned Stadivarius.

Ward Cleaver 8/1/2006 02:17PM PDT
#38 goodbye_natalie

Amen to that, brother. I've been thinking lately they should just keep Lebanon. Who needs Gaza and the West Bank, when you've got Lebanon?

RedWhiteAndJew 8/1/2006 02:23PM PDT
What a suprisy-prize-prize. The soulless ghouls of HezzBolus know that pictures of dead children will tear at the heart strings of the non-muslim world. They and their ilk have no such sensitivity, but they can sure play us.

(Well, some of us, anyway...)

Excerpt from HezzBolus playbook

Remember, always suffocate the children to be presented as victims of the Zionist entity or Great Satan before allowing the lapdog media to film them. Ensure that any members of the lapdog media who do photograph or film such preparations become tragic victims of the "massacre" as well.

I don't know what motivates western media's willing participation, but I suspect institutional and personal anti-Semitism, not to mention a hefty dose of general self-loathing, are high up on the ingredient list.

sms111 8/1/2006 02:28PM PDT
CNN denied they wsere in cahoots with Saddam. Reuters, you're next.

gameface 8/1/2006 02:46PM PDT
Israel is the canary in the mine. We must crush Iran and Syria now.

fireangel 8/1/2006 02:51PM PDT
The dead baby pictures were very distressing mainly because the poor tyke was being shown off like some sort of effing trophy. Poor little thing paraded around so ghouls could take it's pictures. Where were the mothers of those children?


The mothers are probably dead. Bad dead baby. Where's your dead mother?

I'll grant them that there is a high chance that the photos are in some way staged. You indeed have people staging it as if they had just removed the body just in time to be photographed. You don't see any other bodies in these particular photos being hauled around except the children's.

But guess what. Again, I must iterate, they are still dead children. They were clearly killed by airstrikes. It's still a tragedy.

The Little Gruesome Fascists don't seem to care about all that.

(Now for a REALLY ludicrous conspiracy theory see:
http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/184069.php )


Blogger Lazaro74 said...

Good lord... the volume of illiteracy on the Internet always astounds me whenever I reach beyond the few sites I actually frequent.

8/02/2006 2:03 PM  
Blogger beervolcano said...

Aw man, it's amazing. I'm blown away daily.

8/04/2006 9:12 PM  

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